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Dans ce livre Life 3 exprime avec des fleurs une gamme de passions: l’affection, l’amour, la tendresse, la passion et le sentiment romantique. Livre en Anglais.

Synopsis: « After the successful Emotions, Wedding Emotions and Christmas Emotions, Life3’s florists Per Benjamin, Tomas De Bruyne and Max van de Sluis will surprise the floral world with a fourth book in this series: Passionate Emotions. No better tools to translate the whole spectrum of life’s passions and pleasures than flowers, with their stunning diversity, colours and shapes. This beautiful album explores feelings of affection, love, tenderness, passion and romance. All these lovely emotions result in vibrant and colourful floral designs. Combined with Life3’s special flair to create moods and atmospheres by using stunning and suiting backdrops to their compositions, this makes up for a book that is a true work of art and will undoubtedly stir anyone’s passion and imagination. The three designers of Life3 give their best in this splendid edition, staying faithful to their own style and at the same time ever so innovating and original. Life3 not only inspires, but wants to share their creativity, trendy concepts and expertise with colleagues and flower enthusiasts all over the world. »

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Life 3: Per Benjamin- Tomas De Bruyne- Max van de Sluis








Kurt Dekeyzer- Hel?n Pe- Pim van der Maden


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33 x 24.5 (HC)


Emotions by Life 3


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