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The Relationship of Contrasts


Un magnifique ouvrage consacré au jeu des contrastes.

> Par Gregor Lersch
> Les possibilités de contrastes dans l’art floral
> Explications pas-à-pas



Un magnifique ouvrage consacré au jeu des contrastes. Contrastes de couleurs, formes, matériaux, etc. Etape par étape, Gregor Lersch met en lumière les changements et nuances qui voient le jour lorsque l’on travaille avec les contrastes en art floral.

“A book for the creative application of a design principle. The game of opposites is not only in floristry, one of the most expressive design elements. It is particularly important to find the right dosage of two extreme positions in order to find the level between tension and rest, colour and non-colour, diversity and reduction that we intend, and can then apply to make our emotional statement. This can not be achieved without proper practice. Gregor Lersch has analysed the main contrasts in floristry which are used to steer emotion. Using many step-by-step examples, he illustrates the possible transformations and nuances.”

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Between Harmony and Contrast