The Joy of Dahlias


Découvrez le Dahlia : Une fleur pleine d’histoires !

> Trucs et astuces pour cultiver votre propre mer de fleurs
> De l’histoire à l’agriculture durable
> Avec des photos colorées, affectueuses et sensationnelles

Date de publication : 25 août 2020

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Discover the Dahlia: A sparkling flower full of stories!

She has something special. She is an eccentric diva, but also a mathematical miracle. The dahlia is a flower that catches the eye. She has thousands of faces, as many shapes, in countless colours and eccentric shapes. And she gives everything she has for months! .

Quietly, thousands of new species have been added in recent years. Small pompoms, colossal dinnerplates, fuzzy cacti and subdued stars. This book shows them in their full glory, highlighting all facets – from history to sustainable cultivation, from breeding to passion, illustrated with colourful, loving and sensational photos!

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