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Floral Diminutives.


Un livre sur les diminutifs florales

> Par fleuriste Gregor Lersch
> Plus de 100 exemples pour utiliser les diminutifs florals dans vos créations




Le thème: diminutifs florales.

“Floral Diminutives is a new book by Gregor Lersch. Gregor discovered “floral diminutives” for himself and now invites all friends of floral cultures to uncover them as well. He presents this contemporary addition of traditional floristry by means of more than 100 examples and with a lot of helpful hints and remarks”.

“Floral Diminutives” est le titre du nouveau livre de Gregor Lersch: 

“Floral diminutives are living little gems that just ask to be given some of our precious attention. They are small gifts for a variety of different occasions that will surprise any recipient. And they are an opportunity to give pleasure without putting the person in our debt. They are handed over delicately clasped between fore finger and thumb, they are conjured from one‘s sleeve, they are used to make another present even more special, or to say “thank you” or “I like you”. Or, we may just fall in love forever with one or the other of these fantastical mythical creatures. Floral diminutives are simply different; but very authentic.”


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