Constructed Bouquets


Un ouvrage avec une série de bouquets à structure spéciale

> Une collaboration entre Stefan Göttle (DE), Frédéric Dupré (FR) and Patrick Jansen (NL)
> 60 bouquets inspirants pour les fleuristes professionnels

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“As in many things, a well-thought out base structure is a necessity to come to a good end result. The same goes for constructions and structures used in floral art. A construction, whether it’s made from natural or artificial materials, helps surpassing the boundaries of what is technically achievable, can be used to give a creation a three-dimensional or architectural shape, adds to or breaks down symmetry, helps exploring creative possibilities or can simply act as a supplemental decorative touch. Masterflorists Stefan Göttle (DE), Frédéric Dupré (FR) and Patrick Jansen (NL) show how it can be done with flair, fun, inventiveness and elegance. Constructed Bouquets presents an inspirational collection of 60 exceptional bouquets with a structural element.”

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Frédéric Dupré (FR) – Patrick Jansen (NL) – Stefan Göttle (DE)